Saturday, June 21, 2014

Now I Know My ABC's

One of the things we've been looking at for next year is an interactive word wall. We have our Popcorn word wall but that is not easily accessible to the kids and it doesn't really allow for them to add to it as they learn to spell words that aren't already up there.

But I also wanted something different, not so store bought.

I saw this on Pinterest.......

and naturally I thought....I could do that!! 

I'll admit mine isn't quite as perfect as the Pinterest version (is anything we try to copy from Pinterest ever as perfect?) but I think it looks pretty great and above all else the kids had a blast making the letters with their bodies while I photographed them.

This board will be designated the children's word wall. They will have access to small cards that they can print words on that they know and add it to the word wall. It will be all theirs. I hope to see it full of words. I'm excited about this board. I can't wait to see what the kids do with it. 

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