Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is here!!

This may well have been the longest winter in the history of the world. I'm so glad spring is finally here and with it, hopefully, some nicer weather. I'm looking forward to being able to get outside more consistently.
Spring means new life. It also means we'll be getting our chicken eggs soon for our chick hatching. Last year was the first time we did it and it was so much fun. The learning that took place was phenomenal and I don't expect any less this year.
One way we challenged the children to think was that we didn't tell them what kind of animal was in the egg. This meant the children had to research animals that come from eggs and draw their own conclusions as to what animal they thought was inside them. Some of the answers we got were amazing. My favorite was one of the boys who insisted it had to be turtles because he saw turtle eggs in a book that had spots on it and some of our eggs had spots too. I loved the connection.
One thing we used to document the learning that took place, besides a million pictures, was the Egg Journal.
Each child had their own egg journal in which the could document the entire process with words and pictures. Even our reluctant writers were anxious to participate.
The egg journal is available in my TpT store as well as my TN store.
And because it is just to awesome to not share. Our class was lucky enough to be able to see several of the eggs hatch. This was the first one they saw. You can hear the genuine awe in the children's voices and I so loved spontaneous applause at the end.

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